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Circa Destination Management Company specializes in professional destination management services supporting conventions, corporate meetings, association conferences, non-profit organizations, and other group gatherings of all types. We produce custom events with precision and flair, orchestrate smooth logistical operations for large groups, capture and convey the authentic spirit of all the unique destinations in which we operate, and manage programs from their outset through completion. Throughout every program, we endeavor to make discovery, inspiration, excitement, engagement and entertainment part of our guests’ journey.

Circa Destination Management Company is committed to providing outstanding experiences for every guest in every group, in every setting. We are staffed by professionals with the resources, knowledge, and talent to design and orchestrate corporate experiences that excite and engage corporate teams of all sizes. We deliver professional and personalized activities that stimulate guests’ senses, activate their adrenaline, and enhance historic and cultural knowledge of their new surroundings.

No two programs are ever the same because no two groups, industries or clients have the same agenda, or same combination of needs and aspirations. Our team knows that each group is unique with varied goals, so we collaborate, blueprint, and implement each element of our clients’ vision into customized destination management services to reach those goals. We have experience working with groups from every major industry, and countless special interest groups. Regardless of your group’s composition or what constitutes a meaningful experience, Circa DMC’s tenured team of hospitality industry professionals has the ideas, market expertise, experience, and longtime vendor relationships to ensure a perfectly tailored event program and customized activities for any visiting group.

We’re here for whatever you need, and here to take you wherever you’re going! Circa’s local experts know the terrain and must-see attractions, from adventurous outings and historic haunts, to the best local culinary experiences and captivating entertainment. We customize a nearly unlimited number of programs and activities for professional groups attending conventions, conferences, and corporate retreats in new cities, to ensure guests are getting a productive and enriched experience throughout their visit.

Our in-depth knowledge of local attractions, venues, hotels, transportation logistics, entertainment, and program management, combined with a passion for what we do, establishes the basis for the services we provide.  We also have extensive and collaborative relationships with event planners, specialty vendors, and local experts, in each of our destinations, and we’re constantly nurturing established relationships and building new ones to ensure we are always providing the best value and available options.

Customized, Insightful & Collaborative Services

Circa DMC has always delivered its comprehensive destination management capabilities founded on deep market insights, results-oriented collaboration, creative customization, and extensive area relationships. Our services are widely varied and always goal-oriented and personalized, ranging from special event conception, design, and production, to meeting and exhibition services all across Texas, Arizona, and the continental sun belt.

When Circa DMC is your partner for program design and management, you have a reliable resource from the onset with site inspections, venue selection and other strategic program components.  Circa DMC is here to help blueprint your groups’ successful visit and support the management of your holistic conference program and professional activities. We provide detailed organization and expert coordination of every program’s myriad underlying logistical aspects. As an extension of your team, we can help plan and coordinate your multi-day corporate programs with unifying elements and local experiences, seasoning throughout with evening events, break activities, and strategic touch points to engage attendees or enhance team building.

 Everything we produce - from transportation and staffing, to activities and off-site events - is customizable.

Circa DMC designs programs with activities strategically aligned with your company’s goals and vision, and our leadership manages them on-site to ensure success every step of the way. From the initial proposal stages, we bring together our creative staff, preferred vendors and skilled designers to plan unique events that are relevant to the size and objectives of the group. Whether your event or group is large or small, our attention to detail never changes.

We invite you to ask us about any special event need or custom request – our team of DMC professionals is adept at answering them all, for programs of any size. And we are more than happy and ready to assist you.

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Whether your event or group is large or small, our attention to detail never changes.

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Whatever You Need, Wherever You’re Going

We are part of The RK Group’s renowned family of specialized event service companies, allowing us to provide integrated services and leverage expertise that independent DMCs cannot. The RK Group is a respected national leader in culinary and hospitality service management, now building on a 70-year legacy of success. So, we are efficient and nimble everyday, but with an unsurpassed capability to scale effortlessly to meet every opportunity and challenge.

Our clients and their guests benefit handsomely from the breadth and depth of our unique service companies when they need them, all organized by Circa’s unrivaled hospitality professionals. Circa DMC is also a founding member of the Connextions DMC, a strategic alliance among industry leading DMCs and a consortium of innovative full-service event and destination management service providers. With these connections to full spectrum integrated services and respected national partners, once call to Circa DMC does it all.