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Circa When?

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We Design & Produce Exceptional Group Experiences

When you and your family go to a great resort, or visit a fun historic place, there are so many amazing things that the concierge can take care of for you, and so many things to do. Kick back and relax, or get out there! But when you’re a group of dozens, hundreds, or tens of thousands, not nearly as much, and not so easily. When traveling to a new city, especially with large groups of colleagues, visiting area attractions, tasting local cuisine, and experiencing the culture can be a real challenge amid a packed corporate retreat or conference.

In these situations event organizers are too busy planning full days of productive, informative and valuable return on the gathering’s investment; guests are kept too busy to make any of the fun plans they’d normally do while on vacation; and the property’s great hospitality service teams are busy delicately juggling a million tasks!  That’s when we come in. We design engaging programs and coordinate exceptional group experiences to enhance a group’s stay, with diverse hospitality services and transportation logistics for hundreds of guests, sometimes for thousands.

Circa Destination Management Company comes to the rescue as an extension of the meeting planner’s team, with localized itineraries that strategically enhance a group’s visit. We plan full days of productive, informative, valuable, and engaging activities that bring groups together, to help them make the most of their visit, together.



preposition, adverb
1. around, about: (used especially in) approximate dates
Origin of circa: 1860-65; < Latin: around, about; akin to circus
- For most people in the world, circa 1920, music and having a good time was embedded into their life, not chosen as a lifestyle accessory.
- Looking through photographs from the early days of aristocratic event planning, I found a shot of a perfectly appointed table set for fine dining, circa 1870.  
Abbreviation: ca, ca., c., c, cir., circ.

Your ‘Go-To, Can-Do’ event partner

Planning for large groups in distant places requires strong logistical support and localized perspectives, and that’s where our DMC team plays an instrumental role. These are the settings in which great corporate culture is conceived and reinforced, and our partnership with event, meeting, and convention planners helps ensure they are harnessed and maximized as the great investments they are! Our DMC services allow planners to focus on their events, run-of-shows, and strategic goals, while we handle the transportation, entertainment, localized experiences throughout the stay, and any other tasks thrown our way.

We support your program elements and vision, and handle the workload and details that can overload small internal teams, or that may distract our clients from their strategic goals. Partners like Circa DMC bring groups together in the evenings, to network and have fun, and build relationships. We help teams of all sizes get to and from conventions or resorts with customized programs that allow them to explore new cities with purpose, experience local culture, and cement the bonds that bind effective working groups.

We’ve supported corporate event planners for decades, and we excel at taking groups around and about Texas, Arizona, or anywhere else they want to go. Our destination management professionals deliver tailored services for groups of all sizes, with market insight, creativity, logistical organization, and more!

At Circa DMC, we help corporate groups get around and about safely, and capitalize on each destination and its unique surroundings. We facilitate activities to give the whole experience purpose, or escape, and positive lasting memories. We can organize effective and adventurous team-building activities, produce every aspect of off-site events, or guide you through restaurant buy-outs and dine-arounds.

We’re here to focus on delivering our clients’ results, offering peace of mind to planners, and helping them garner their deserved acclaim! We help clients entertain, inform, inspire, and instruct, while helping visitors stimulate their senses, strengthen their relationships, and captivate their imaginations through customized program design. When searching for renowned and reliable destination management services to design a rewarding group experience, Circa DMC is the only way to go, and the only way to arrive!

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We help planners who don’t have hundreds of extra hours to devote to planning every aspect of professional conferences, versus focusing on their core business functions.