Circa DMC


Decorated event room

Branded Design, Entertainment & Décor, Beautifully Coordinated

Circa DMC helps our clients deliver events saturated with authenticity, creativity and crafted specifically to align with their corporate culture. We’ve earned a reputation for providing the most cohesive and fully orchestrated events, uniquely delivered through the close collaboration of our sister company and vendor partners. We coordinate seamlessly with an array of specialized event experts – visual designers, entertainment producers, technology specialists, great caterers, floral designers, ice sculptors, carpenters, and other hospitality professionals.

Do you need a recreation of historic downtown Gruene to bring to the convention center ballroom because getting away is impossible? No problem. Want a Persian bazar themed gala reminiscent of “I Dream of Jennie” 2,000 miles away?” Blink, done. We work with trusted and accomplished vendors and/or sister companies to meet all of your program requirements, and have you covered for any theme, style and event size.

We know that design inspiration can come from many sources. A light fixture or carpet pattern in the ballroom, a trendy color scheme or a corporate logo, the Arizona sky at sunset or a colorful desert wildflower, each can provide the perfect starting point for creating one-of-a-kind looks that will impress your guests!  We believe the design process for events should be a collaborative effort, and work closely with our clients in the inspiration process. Once we target the points of inspiration that really matter to you, we partner with a team of design professionals to build and create the perfect customized look within the required budget that sets your event apart from those in years past.

We have an enormous repository of successful theme ideas and rental inventory to support these concepts, but also know achieving a look that distinguishes from previous gatherings and the competition requires out-of-the-box thinking and creative vision that you will only get from Circa DMC and our family of event experts.